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Tactical Guruz is a privately held business of individuals with various backgrounds and experience in the firearms industry. Their one common thread is the love of all things related to the tools which support your mission. While we may not all necessarily fit the typical image or background of others in this industry, we do share the same passion and drive to serve our customers and their tactical needs.  

As our customer, we want you to feel like you can ask us any question without feeling anxious or intimidated and we would like to make your purchasing experience as uncomplicated of a process as possible. Our hope, is to create a community of professional operators and enthusiasts who can share their experiences and knowledge on our blog with those who are just getting started. Everyone was a "nubie" at one point in their journey.  Through experience and knowledge transfer, those "nubies" are now the expert operators in the tactical space and their valuable experience and opinions can help guide our decisions as we look for specific tools to make our jobs less tenious.

Whether you are an expert in the field, or first time buyer, we treat each of our customers with the same amount of courtesy, respect, and attention to provide to you the right solution for your next event, outing, or competition.

Thank you for your patronage and allowing us to be your Tactical Guruz!